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Fashion4Wellness hamamdoek en fouta. Laat je inspireren en geniet!

A hammamtowel or fouta from Fashion4Wellness is woven with the greatest care for you in Turkey and Tunisia. All our hammam cloths and foutas are made of the best cotton and hand knotted. A traditional and beautiful product made with knowledge, craftsmanship and care. A beautiful and honest product for those moments you want to enjoy in for example the wellness resort, the sauna, the beach, on holiday or at the swimming pool. Do not wait too long, pamper yourself and find that inner peace with a hammam cloth or fouta from Fashion4Wellness.

Enjoy in style and unwind with a hammam cloth or fouta. The new way to relax!

The Fashion4Wellness hammamtowel

A hammamtowel is a thin traditionally woven cotton towel with hand knotted fringes at the ends and comes from Turkey. Traditionally, hammamtowels were used in bathhouses. Nowadays they are taken on holiday, to the beach, picnic, swimming pool or spa-wellness centre. Besides the fact that a hammamtowel is beautiful to see, it is very functional. Advantages of a hammamtowel are: light in weight, small to fold, absorbs a lot of moisture, quickly dry again, easy to turn. It doesn't matter if you choose for a hammamtowel or fouta, both are a good choice. Try it yourself!

The Fashion4Wellness fouta

A fouta is traditionally woven 100% cotton towel with fringes at the end of the cloth and comes from Tunisia. In Europe, the fouta is also known as hammamtowel. Traditionally the fouta was used in the Hamams (bathhouses). Nowadays the fouta is a versatile cloth that is used as a lightweight towel for the beach, sauna or gym. A fouta is ideal if you don't have a lot of space in your bag or suitcase. It doesn't matter if you choose a fouta or hammam towel, but choose what you like most! We are already convinced of this beautiful product. You too?


A Hammamtowel beachbed cover. This hammam towel can easily be wrapped around the mattress of your beach bed. Thanks to its special design and elastic band, this hammamtowel always stays in place.
This hammamtowel does not slide or blow away and is available in many colors.


The new way to relax!